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This vaporizing, topical analgesic was made with powerful essential oils and Swiss mountain herbs that help relieve: congestion due to sinuses, allergies and colds/flu. The heating sensation of the ointment will get the blood flowing to your sore muscles, loosening them up and helping them to work better. Also useful as an all-purpose ointment, it soothes headaches and even bug bites. ALPINE SALVE is a natural alternative to artificial petroleum-based vapor rubs.


Scent: Camphoraceous, Minty


No Synthetic Perfume

100% natural and vegan

0%  GMOs, parabens or sulphates


EAN/UPC: 7649989319098


Net.Wt. 50g (1.7 FL.OZ.)



All-round care


SENSITIVE CREAM is an intensive moisturizer that is safe for everyday use. Its advanced plant-rich formula is powerful, gentle and provides instant and lasting comfort. The minimal formula with japanese camellia oil acts as a protective barrier and healing agent, supporting the regeneration process for rashes, psoriasis and eczema. Use this intensive moisturizer for happier, hydrated skin.


Our SENSITIVE CREAM is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers. The skin compatibility of all gia’s remedies products has been dermatologically proven. Free from genetically modified ingredients (GMO).


  • Ideal for delicate skin

  • Light, non-greasy formula

  • Strengthens your skin’s natural barrier

  • Can be safely used on hands, feet, face and scalp


EAN/UPC: 7649989319067


Net. Wt. 1.7 fl oz (50ml)

Nightfall website.jpg


Enjoy a peaceful, relaxing night's sleep with this NIGHTFALL body and pillow spray. The mist helps you fall asleep quickly and ensures a lasting, deeper sleep. The next morning you will feel refreshed and regenerated. Contains the NIGHTFALL signature fragrance made from essential oils of lavender, vetiver and ylang ylang and has been shown to have a calming effect on body and mind. Lightly mist pillow, pajamas and body.


Suitable for the whole family with safe, plant-based ingredients.


Scent: Sweet, Aromatic


No Synthetic Perfume

100% natural and vegan

0%  GMOs, parabens or sulphates


EAN/UPC: 7649989319081


Net.Wt. 75ml (2.5 FL.OZ.)



Our SENSITIVE LIP BALM contains only 10 carefully chosen, natural and vegan ingredients to moisturize even the most sensitive lips effectively and without irritation.


Japanese Camellia Oil has outstanding moisture retaining ability, is one of the most rapidly absorbed plant oils and is known for its ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin.


Magnolia Extract helps to prevent the loss of skin elasticity and reduces reddening of the skin. Even with irritated, red and dry lips magnolia bark extract provides relief. This natural extract is so gentle and mild that it is ideal for sensitive skin areas.


EAN/UPC: 7649989319067


Net. Wt. 0.16 oz (4.6g)

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